IT Development

Business Intelligence (visualization)

Business intelligence (BI) services and systems are essential for transforming businesses into modern, data-driven organisations and for enhancing everyday reporting, operations, and insight sharing.

Using trusted technologies, we offer reliable business intelligence services to businesses all over the world.

For our business intelligence, big data consulting, and data science consulting services, we leverage open-source, on-premises, cloud, as well as commercially trusted technology.

Business Intelligence solution – implementation process

  • Gather requirements for Business Intelligence solution
  • Collect and integrate data from various data sources 
  • Transform, clean, and prepare data 
  • Explore data and get insights 
  • Data visualization and reporting 

Our BI Services

  • Data Warehousing
    SQL Server, Azure Synapse, Oracle, AWS Redshift, Snowflake
  • Self-service BI
    Power BI, Tableau, Qlik, Domo BI, Data Studio, Looker
  • Reporting automation
    Power BI RS, MicroStrategy, Cognos BI, Sisense
  • ETL
    MS SSAS, MS SSIS, Druid, Cognos TM1, Hbase, Stitch Data, IBM DataStage, Talend

Data Science Services

As a well-known provider of data services, Mindclues has extensive experience with data services solutions. Data storage, organization, and optimization, analytics, and machine-learning techniques are all part of the data science application development services we offer.

The business insights your organization obtains from data are improved by data science. By utilizing enormous data sets to gain actionable insights that enhance corporate value by enhancing customer experience, churn, and supply chain operations, Mindclues data science services assist businesses in making better decisions.

Data science services assist businesses in conducting tests on their data in search of commercial insights. To fulfil our clients' most specific analytics needs, Mindclues offers data science consulting using machine learning, artificial intelligence, and deep learning technologies.


The major blockchain development services and products offered by Mindclues covers a wide range. We use our expertise and experience as one of the blockchain revolution's early adopters to provide you with the best blockchain development services.

With our broad spectrum of blockchain app development services, we provide support to a variety of businesses. Our services guarantee that all corporate procedures are open, efficient, secure, and automated to encourage growth and quality. To stay ahead of the rapidly evolving blockchain market in the modern world, we also frequently upgrade our knowledge, skills, and competence.

The innovation with a blockchain is that it guarantees the fidelity and security of a record of data and generates trust without the need for a trusted third party. We at Mindclues are focused and work on the security of data and benefits that Blockchain Technology can provide to our clients.


Growth is the key to any successful company. You are undoubtedly visiting us because this is not news to you. Salesforce can help you completely realize the potential of your sales processes and customer interactions more than any other CRMs and cloud platform providers.

A software service and Salesforce consulting firm, Mindclues is made up of professionals with a successful track record.

Salesforce is a simple technology, but it frequently requires a skilled eye to ensure that it is carried out effectively. You can trust Mindclues to be your implementation partner. We have an outstanding Salesforce Customer Satisfaction Score and great team to implement Salesforce Solution for your company.

As accomplished Salesforce service providers. We adapt our engagements to your needs. Whether you are modernizing your technology stack, automating a business function, or looking to provide a fresh experience to your customers or employees, Mindclues will tailor our services to you.