IT Staffing

US-IT Staffing

Our experienced team of recruiters, with huge database of IT professionals in various technologies, identify candidates who have demonstrated good technical aptitude, analytical skills and interpersonal skills. As we are in constant touch with hundreds of professionals on day-to-day basis, we are aware of what they’re paid, and what it takes to attract and retain them. With the help of the huge network, we can produce right candidate within no time.

Our technical team of experts perform thorough evaluation of the candidate through personal interviews and by executing written tests. Our background verification team by partnering with third party companies, conducts thorough verification of the candidates past employment history including reference checks, certifications and education, criminal, drug and credit checks.

Domestic Staffing

Embarking on to new markets or new platforms to remain competitive requires managing a stable IT team and environment without losing focus on core competencies. Maintaining reliable IT environment, sourcing right IT talent and maintaining them can be particularly challenging and absolutely imperative.

IT Staffing gives your organization access to the myriad of IT skills that match your business requirements. It is a simplified and quickest way to gain control over your technical staff while sizing up without the hassle of maintaining good resources in-house. Our skilled application professionals can develop and maintain all applications according to your workflow while meeting aggressive project timelines.